Ludwig Kreuzpaintner GmbH is a specialist for individual electrical switchgear cabinets and control technology for various industries.

With our team of 15 highly specialised industrial electricians, we work for breweries, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and distribution construction firms, among others.

From our company home in Dorfen, Upper Bavaria, in the district of Erding, we look after a solid and steadily growing customer base.

We are on the road for our customers in Germany and all over the world. Our switch cabinets and control systems have already taken us from Austria to India.


“My father started small at home.
I practically grew up with the company, took part in our various relocations and just grew into it over the years.”

Rudolf Kreuzpaintner

What Silicon Valley can do, we can do too: Our company did not start in a garage, but in the cellar of Ludwig Kreuzpaintner’s home. Founded as a one-man business in 1977, the company has concentrated on mechanical engineering, installations and electrical switchgear from the very beginning.

Since then, the family business has grown steadily and has dedicated itself completely to the construction of switchgear and control technology. Due to the growth, numerous conversions, extensions and new buildings as well as relocations followed.

In 2014, Ludwig Kreuzpaintner handed over the business to his son Rudolf and the company was renamed Ludwig Kreuzpaintner GmbH.


  • Company foundation in the basement


    The company is founded in the basement, where the first control cabinets are built. In addition to the cellar, the company soon also occupies the garages of the family home.

  • Construction of a workshop building with office

    The form: a double garage with cellar.
    Our first apprentice starts his apprenticeship.


    Construction of a workshop building with office

  • First foreign order


    The first foreign order takes us to Austria to build a refrigeration plant in a slaughterhouse.

  • New company building

    We build – our new company building with garage. Reason: The construction of ever-larger switch cabinets could no longer be handled in the original premises.
    Our new domicile is Gewerbering 17 in Dorfen.


    New company building

  • Garage extension


    The building becomes too small again. A garage extension follows.

  • Attic conversion

    Because we need space for screen printing, offices and programming room.


    Attic conversion

  • Foreign assignment


    Our biggest foreign assignment takes us to India.

  • Business handover

    Handover of the business to son Rudolf Kreuzpaintner.


    Business handover

  • We continue to grow


    The attic in the office building is extended and converted.

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