Tailor-made products, individual production,
according to your specifications


From individual control cabinets to large industrial plants – we are there for you. A smoothly functioning production with maximum planning reliability and low downtimes is our top priority.

Precise planning with E-Plan 8

That is why we place great importance on precision – right from the planning stage. By the way, we do this with E-Plan P8. The required documents in E-Plan include:

1. Cover page with your customer data
2. Customer specific page layouts
3. Customer rules / regulations
4. Layout plan
5. Circuit diagram
6. PLC overview
7. Device connection diagram
8. Terminal diagram
9. Parts lists
10. Cable overview plan
11. Cable representation plan
12. SDF variable table for import into Siemens TIA

Do you already have a specification? We will be happy to work with it. Or we can draw up a specification together with you.


No matter whether you want to build new machines and plants, or expand, convert and modernize existing ones, we will advise you and take over the planning.


After we have defined the automation sequences, the programming and visualization takes place. For years, we have relied on the proven control and visualization systems from Siemens for programming.

At home in the Simatic world
We use our own program and work via Siemens software Step7, Klassik Welt or TIA Portal. A visualization is created in WinCC or in TIA Portal.

To ensure that everything runs 100 percent, it is a given for us that we carry out various tests at our premises and again at your site before the actual commissioning.

You want to know more?

Talk to us. We’re happy to help.


We build our control cabinets using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and over 40 years of experience. Professional installation requires knowledge and skill. And our team always finds a way.
Whether supply duct, cable tray or mesh cable tray, our cables always arrive at their destination. Where a protective conduit or solenoid valve is required, we provide for it and install that already in the design.

Standards + Specifications

Compliance with standards such as VDE, IEC, (c)UL and also CSA goes without saying for us just as the consideration of country or make specifications. Even individual factory specifications are not an issue for us.

Before your system leaves our premises, we put it through its paces. Of course, we also provide a corresponding test report.

  • Function test
  • Special country and customer regulations
  • Protective conductor, insulation test according to VDE, UVV, DGUV V3

We simulate external signals and test possible error inputs. This allows us to significantly speed up commissioning at the customer’s site.

You like how we work?

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If desired, our team of experienced industrial electricians will take over the assembly and commissioning on site. For this purpose, we install the required components and lay the cables to the plants.

Simulation + Test Run

Before commissioning, a detailed test run is carried out in your production facility using the simulation method. Our employees check every existing detail: drives, distributors, sensors, controls, controllers and temperature sensors.

Only when all tests and simulations run smoothly, do we switch to automatic mode.

Save Time + Costs

As we have already carried out tests and simulations in advance on our premises, we save you time and thus costs during commissioning on site.

For us, commissioning also includes training your employees. If you have any change requests after commissioning, we can implement them via remote access.

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To keep your plant running trouble-free for as long as possible, we take care of maintenance and service for you. This reduces the risk of malfunctions, downtime, quality problems and the like – with a direct impact on total cost of ownership.

Maintenance Strategy for Your Plant Operation

For optimized plant operation, we take care of the appropriate maintenance and service work – from inspection and function tests to troubleshooting or proactive and predictive maintenance planning.

Our maintenance service includes regular checks at intervals defined by you. All components are measured and can be replaced in good time if necessary.

We help you with your maintenance strategy – depending on original specifications and the expected service life of your system. On site or via remote monitoring.


Then we look forward to hearing from you. We are here for you.


Do you have a control cabinet or transformer that is getting on in years? No problem. From experience we know the typical problems only too well:

  • Automation and drive technology outdated
  • Safety standards no longer up to date
  • Spare parts procurement is difficult or impossible
  • Unplanned downtimes
  • Poor energy efficiency
  • High maintenance costs

Modernization versus new purchase

But watch out: In many cases, modernization can be more economical than buying new. This is the case if the mechanics of your machines account for a large part of the costs and are still in good condition. In this case, a retrofit of the control system can be the ideal solution for you.

A retrofit also offers you further advantages compared to a new purchase:

  • Unchanged basic design of the equipment
  • No employee training necessary
  • Minimal downtime and conversion times
  • Lower investment costs

In case of a retrofit, our team comes by, updates hardware and software, renews the PLC, and replaces individual components as needed. We can also accommodate additional technical requests, such as for Industry 4.0, M2M communication, alarm management, and more.

Refurbishment required?

We would be happy to bring your existing machines and systems up to date.

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